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Reblogging Comments: "What is neoclassical economics?" (Noah Smith)

FRAGMENT:  "(...) If you read econ blogs, especially blogs by "heterodox" bloggers (Austrians, Post-Keynesians, MMTers, etc.), then you know that the term "neoclassical" gets slung around quite a lot, usually as a perjorative. See here , here , here , and here for just a few examples. The idea is that "neoclassical" econ is the dominant paradigm, and that the "heterodox" schools are competing paradigms that lost out, and were, to use Kuhn's terminology, "simply read out of the profession...and subsequently ignored." Well and good, but I have two problems with the way the term is used. First, I don't like the sloppiness of the way it's defined, and second, I don't like its application to people as opposed to ideas. (...)" ( Read More )  COMMENTS: The critic made by Noah Smith is clearly understandable. Though, non-economists tend to look for the supossed "mainstream" economics/economists, and from tha

Reblogging Comments: "Protectionism is not the answer" (P. Taberner)

"The world must not fall into protectionism, due to government bail outs and financial legislations, that have led to a bias towards home and regional bank lending, said the European Central Bank’s (ECB) executive board member Benoit Coeure. " ( Read More ) COMMENTS: Let's hope authorities start differentiating specific and excepcional interventions over protectionism.

Reblogging: "' Made in the world ' , adiós a las barreras geográficas" (Andrea Ornelas)

' Made in the world ' , adiós a las barreras geográficas (Andrea Ornelas) "Los productos abandonan paulatinamente las etiquetas ‘Made in Switzerland’ o ‘Made in USA’ para convertirse en productos ‘Made in the world’, que hoy representan el 80% del comercio mundial. Un modelo que multiplica los negocios, pero puede excluir a las economías más pobres. La OMC y otros actores intentan subsanar esta brecha." ( Ver Más ).